a Saturday photo walk

One of my favorite things to do on weekends is go on picture walks with Brandon and Maisy Bleu Pepperpots, our pit bull rescue pup.

I'm a huge photography nerd - I have around 20 cameras, almost all of them film - but it's difficult to do photo walks on my own with Maisy because she is 110 percent puppy and does not have time to wait for me to photograph our surroundings. There are sticks over there to inspect and then she's gotta think about pooping, you know?

So my picture walks (basically, walking someplace I'm interested in and taking a bunch of cameras with me) have to wait until Brandon is around to corral the puppy. Like most things, they're better with him there, so I don't really mind.

Today we walked the greenway by our house over to one of the four (!) colleges within a two-mile radius. It's officially spring in North Carolina and there was photo goodness all over the place. 

I really love spring so much. I think this is a direct result of growing up in Wisconsin, where spring is not so much a season as a week of respite between the never-ending winter and the too-short summer. If you're currently experiencing this life in the Midwest, I am here to tell you that spring is a real thing, it is months long, and it is amazing.

Insider secret: that Maisy picture is actually not from today. My digital lenses are all manual-focus, and she is too quick for me most of the time. But I had to include her freckled block-head puppy face, because obviously. (I won't tell her if you don't.)