February round-up

Happy March!

Every time the last day of the month rolls around, I go to bed reminding myself to wake up and say, "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" for luck. I have never once remembered to do it. This is the reason I have not won the lottery, probably.

Despite not being armed with good fortune, February was still a pretty good month.

Maisy graduated from puppy school and got to wear a cap (which she hated) and tear apart a stuffed toy (which she loved).

Skills she mastered in class: shake, stay, lay down. Skills she can do most of the time: sit, walk nicely, come when called. Skills she has no interest in: learning not to jump all over you. (OMG HIIIII.) (We're working on it. She's in the intermediate class now.)

Maisy also continued to be block-headed, freckle-faced and totally uninterested in having her photo taken. Her ears persevered in looking like big corn chips.

Afternoon light is all kinds of gorgeous in our apartment.

On Valentine's Day after the marathon, Brandon took me to a little wine bar near our house. It had been cold all day but the snow started coming down while we were inside and by the time we were done it was a full-on storm.

For once, my newspaper did not suspend all other coverage to write about the fact that it had snowed/was snowing/could keep snowing, so I got to just enjoy it instead of walking around asking people what they thought of the weather. We don't see snow very often down here and in the years it doesn't come at all I find myself missing it, though I will say that once or twice per winter - preferably in December - is enough for me.


I turned 34 on Feb. 20 and had the perfect day. First, Brandon made mimosas and lemon-blueberry pancakes, which we ate in bed while I wore a tiara.

We took Maisy outside after breakfast and two of our neighbors came out to chat and let their dogs run around with her. I was still wearing the tiara, so I told them, "It's my birthday, hence the crown."

Our across-the-alley neighbor shrugged. "I just thought maybe it was what you do on Saturdays."

Later, we went downtown to wander around the shops and bars.

Sun-drenched flannel at Hudson's Hill.

Bloody martini at Grey's Tavern. Slightly blurry here on account of I was drinking martinis.

At the bar, I spent $5 on the jukebox to play "Party in the USA," Bruce Hornsby (my all-time favorite!) and One Direction. I have zero regrets. Possibly Brandon has some regrets. Possibly I paid for it with his Discover card.

Old general-store window display at a property that has been for rent since we moved here a year ago. 

I like this picture - when Brandon and I go on adventures I always take a picture of our feet standing somewhere - but he's not so fond of it. "My tree-trunk legs are all in the frame," he says.

I guess it is a little lopsided, but my shoes are so cute (and so are his legs, amirite) so I'm including it anyway.

And just it case it helps my luck this month, let's conclude with a photo of my very own dearly departed rabbit, Mr. Henry James Bunman.

Rabbit rabbit rabbit, y'all.