a photo post

One of the best - and most unexpected - things about starting this blog is how it's reignited my interest in photography.

In my head I always call these "wheely-copters." I used to be an environment reporter, you know.

In my head I always call these "wheely-copters." I used to be an environment reporter, you know.

Which makes me so happy! I love photography so much and while that's never changed, it used to be much more of a regular part of my everyday life. I never went anywhere without taking at least one camera with me and for a long time I shot at least one photo every single day. I got away from that somehow, slowly, and as with most things, once you stop doing it, it's really easy to keep not doing it.

Lately, in the happy place I find my life and with the world exploding into life and color around me, I find myself wanting to photograph every little thing. It's exciting and it makes me feel more like me, in some fundamental way. Here's a sampling of what's caught my eye lately.

Delicious fog last week:

Flowers in the backyard, reminding me of confetti:

Snaps from a sunny morning walk with Maisy Bleu:

Real talk: Maisy is not the best photography assistant, unless she has to poop. Then we're totally on the same wavelength in terms of stopping. Luckily (?), she poops a lot. (This paragraph is really ruining the prettiness of these photos, but whatever. Everyone poops, which is a truism I didn't really understand until I got a Brandon and a dog.)

Also, that last photo is what my buds-in-sunlight bush turned into - pink magnolias! I love them. Spring, you beauty. Stick around for awhile.