I broke my laptop screen yesterday.



It's my own stupid fault; I was holding the computer in one hand as I got out of bed and somehow lost my grip, sending it careening to the hardwood floor from the breathless height of 2 feet. It apparently hit at juuuust the right angle to shatter the LCD screen along with my hopes, dreams, internet access and financial stability.



I took it to a third-party computer place thinking it would be cheaper than going directly to Apple, then got a $750 repair quote, which led me to make an appointment at the Genius Bar tonight. Because if I'm paying somebody a bajillion dollars to fix my computer, I might as well pay the people who built the stupid thing. (Apple, I hate you, and yet, I can't quit you. Y U COST SO MUCH.)

The end result of all of this is no blogging for awhile, which also means no Dawson's recap this week.* I suppose I could use Brandon's computer, but it weighs literally 20 pounds, has a number keypad that messes up my typing constantly and a red-backlit keyboard that glows with the literal fires of hell.

It's "better optimized for gaming" though, which I guess makes it OK to type with Satan?

I was trying to talk to Brandon about all of this today but he was at a meeting or something (rude) and did not respond to my urgent g-chats for almost three hours. Naturally I concluded that he had died and no one had thought to call me. 

"Are you dead?" I typed. "If you're dead, don't I get some sort of money? Because I really need to fix my computer."

A minute went by.

"....And to mourn," I added.

He of course chose that moment to come back. "In that order?" he asked.

"I just think mourning would be a lot easier if I had internet access," I explained. Then I went down the Google rabbit hole to give him examples of internet mourning. This is pretty much what I came up with:

I'm not actually sure that anything better than this has ever existed online. This may be why the internet was invented.

Anyway the good news is that I've found the world's largest stockpile of religious gifs from the 90s and Brandon is alive, but my computer is not, so expect radio silence here for a while. I know it's sad, so just remember...


*programming note: if you want to subscribe to the Dawson's recaps via RSS feed, you need to do so separately from the blog. (I'm sorry. I am really bad at the internet, unless you require a glittery gif about heaven.) The RSS feed URL should just be the Up The Creek page link, but if you run into problems, let me know and I will bother the IT guys at work about it.