spring in Greensboro

On Wednesday I decided to take my camera on my morning walk with Maisy just to see if it was possible to take photos while wrangling her by myself. There are some trees on our regular route that I was wanting to shoot in the morning light and I didn't want to wait until the weekend to try.

I realize this is not a normal-person sentiment. I realized it the other day when I told Brandon that we needed to walk her over to a nearby park this weekend because there is a bush there that I want to photograph.

Who does this? To his credit he was just like, "Yeah, sounds legit."

We haven't gone yet, but stay tuned. IT'S A REALLY PRETTY BUSH I PROMISE.

Anyway, it went OK. Maisy likes to keep it movin' but she also likes to sniff things and hunt sticks, so she was pretty good about pausing for me to take photos.

This would be the tree. Buds! In the sunlight! Allll about it.

oh hey there rainbow lens flare! (insert heart-eyes emoji here)

I remain completely obsessed with signs of spring, so probably expect more plant photos. I can't help it. Autumn is the best season, but spring is a close second. (Winter is third, if you were wondering. North Carolina summer and its humidity and I are not on speaking terms, ever.)

Here's some bonus photos of the Greensboro "skyline." It looks really cool and urban, and it is kind of cool... 

...but it is not actually urban at all, it's just a big fat faker. Don't worry, downtown Greensboro, we love you even though you are not comfortable with your true self.