photo a day: June 10-12

June 11th was Brandon's 27th birthday. I am a big believer in birthdays - it's basically like Christmas except it's ALL ABOUT YOU! - so we celebrated for the entire weekend, except for Sunday when we were both very tired from the previous two days of celebrating on account of we are old.

On Friday, some of Brandon's coworkers and one of his friends from college came to Greensboro for a Grasshoppers game and a night at the bars. The Grasshoppers are Greensboro's minor-league baseball team. They are legitimately awful, but the tickets are cheap, the games are fun - my personal favorite is the Build-A-Burger competition - and they serve alcohol and surprisingly good food.

And win or lose, they celebrate the end of the 9th inning with a massive fireworks display.

"Imagine if they'd won," everyone said.

"Imagine if they'd won," everyone said.

After the game we went downtown, where Brandon fought bears, high-fived a bunch of unimpressed bicycle cops and ate pizza. We also all posted just copious amounts of photos on Snapchat.

Daniel, one of Brandon's coworkers, taught us that if you are very sneaky and good at the Snapchat you can stealthily apply filters to random people in the room. 

I am the most serious puppy ever. In the middle of quizzing someone about his life, I think. (Hashtag reporter.)

We made it home around 2, where Brandon did his best to make the bed look like a crime scene.

I sent this to my best friend who said, "Even Sophie doesn't want to be near him." But of course she did! She moved next to his head two seconds later! Even when he is sprawled in a haphazard way, Sophie wants nothing more than to be near him.

On Saturday (Brandon's actual birthday!) we spent the day at our friends' pool.

That night I took him to a fancy birthday dinner at a local steakhouse. Brandon doesn't really eat much meat because I am a vegetarian and I do the cooking in our house. I have been a vegetarian since I was 13, so I never learned how to cook meat, and even if it didn't gross me out, I wouldn't want to do it because it seems complicated.

For example: you have to defrost it but you can't defrost it too long or you'll die, but you can't defrost it too little or you'll die, and I think there are rules about microwaving it or something and frankly it just seems like death is lurking around every corner with meat preparation so I just don't mess with it.

But I'm not a weird or judgey vegetarian. I don't micromanage Brandon's diet (I have no interest in doing this and could better spend that time reading or drinking wine). Sometimes he'll cook chicken or fish to add to his dinner, and I don't care if he eats meat when we go out, but we rarely ever go to restaurants where a big ol' steak is on the menu because those type of restaurants usually don't have things that I can eat. So for his birthday, I wanted to take Brandon to exactly that type of restaurant. I did not take photos at dinner because I am supremely awful at food photography, but he got some big hunk of meat and proclaimed it delicious, and I felt like an excellent wife.

Sunday was spent doing nothing but recovering. Photo proof:

When I took this I believe I thought, "I will pass this off as an arty photo that is all about the light." Yeah no. I was just napping all day so this is basically all I saw.

All in all I believe the birthday weekend was a success, even if I could not convince the birthday boy to wear a tiara.