photo a day: June 9

I'm woefully behind, obviously - but I have been taking a photo every single day! So much good stuff has happened since the last time I posted (Brandon and Maisy's birthdays, adventuring to a local lake, covering a Trump rally, some weather that has not been disgusting) that I need to break my catch-up into a few posts to give each day its due. So let's start with June 9!

June 9: When you cover county government, May-June means one thing: BUDGET SEASON. The commissioners passed their budget last week after a month of presentations and long, long workshops. The 9th was a Thursday, which I spent in a four-hour budget workshop followed by a regular Board of Commissioners' meeting. I'm a journalism nerd so I actually like covering government meetings (truly, I have found my calling) (also there's free soda), but the best part of the day was coming home and filing my last story from the front porch.

(I also finished up that week's Dawson's Creek recap outside, which is why there's a scandalous bare shoulder on the screen.) Truth be told I always feel a little silly sitting outside with a laptop, but it definitely beats sitting in the newsroom.

Unless it's humid. Then I'll take that free newsroom air-conditioning all day long.