photo a day: June 15-17

June 15: The blinds in our bedroom finally died at the hands of our pets.

Maisy finished them off, but the cats started the war, and as you can see in the top righthand corner of the photo, Lenny was a complicit accomplice in this last stand. Our neighbor gave us some extra blinds but they didn't fit, so my privacy is currently being protected by a heroic beach towel tucked into the top of the window. Bless.

June 16: Property-destroying tendencies aside, this lil freckled pibble nugget is still a pretty good goober.

June 17: Ummm. I went shopping?

I was waffly about this dress so I sent a pic to my red-headed bff to ask her opinion. I was pretty damn sure I took a photo on the 17th that was not this, but apparently I did not. I did buy the dress, though. Little victories.