photo a day: June 19

On Father's Day we drank mimosas, called our dads, and then decided to go on an adventure to Lake Brandt.

We took the puppers...obviously.

Maisy has a kiddy pool and one of the places she goes to for daycare has a splash pad, but she had never seen an actual body of water before. She was a little timid at first but after a while had pretty much mastered the whole lake thing.


Lake Brandt might be my favorite thing we've discovered in Greensboro so far (second, perhaps, to the taco restaurant two blocks from our house, because, well, tacos). The water was warm and gold-flecked and it's surrounded by trails.

I have a soft spot for lakes, which I think is due to being a Midwest kid - there's just something so calm and happy and inherently nostalgic about them. I can't wait to go back.

This one will probably not mind it either.