photo a day: June 20


This freckle-faced nugget is one whole year old. She is a goober with big corn-chip ears and paws that smell like Fritos who gallops into the bedroom every morning and jumps on my head to wake me up. She likes Frisbees, tennis balls (especially if they are the furry kind), drinking water from the garden hose, Sophie and Lenny, and all other dogs. 

She hates selfies. Super judgey about the selfies.

The first time I saw Maisy was in my newspaper, where she was featured as the pet of the week. Her name then was Mari and her ears were even more ridiculous than they are now.

Brandon had been wanting a dog for approximately forever. I had always been interested in adopting a dog, but I'd never had one before, and because Lenny is so socially awkward and afraid of basically everything, I knew that any dog we adopted would have to be gentle and familiar with cats. To further complicate things, I was interested in adopting a pit bull, because they're harder to place due to idiotic stereotypes about their breed. And to FURTHER complicate things, we were really in no place to adopt a dog when I saw Maisy's ad. It was a month before our wedding. We had no time or money and we were going to be gone for most of October. But you know. I decided to email the rescue anyway. 

I was very honest about our situation, and said we'd love to meet her but wouldn't be able to even think about adopting for at least another month. Patty, Maisy's foster mom, and I agreed that she would probably be long gone by the time we were ready to meet her (because I mean look at her), but she said she'd keep me posted.

We got married. And we came back. And Maisy was still available. So we went to meet her. It was Halloween and she was wearing a ladybug costume and when we pulled into the parking lot of the pet store I was frankly already regretting the whole idea. Dogs are a lot of work! We would probably never see Lenny again once she came to live with us!

But she was wearing a freakin' ladybug costume, and Brandon took one look at her and said, "Well, I want her."

It was another six weeks before we could get her - she came down with ringworm, which is fairly innocuous but super contagious - and then after we brought her home there was a fairly lengthy adjustment period in which she drove me crazy and we seriously thought about giving her back to the rescue. Of course, that seems completely absurd now. Because of course she's our dog. 

Here she is the day she was born.

And here she is as a wee spotted pup.

To celebrate her first birthday, I made dog-friendly cupcakes (pupcakes, you might say) and we had a puppy party in the backyard.

I have always been an animal person in general - I am totally that girl on the street asking if I can pet your dog - but before we adopted Maisy I never understood people who would go on and on about their dogs.

Clearly, I get it now. There's just something about a puppy who loves you.

I am extra emotional about Maisy at the moment because I had to drop her off this morning to be boarded for the first time. SHE IS FINE - the boarding place is where she goes every week for doggie daycare, so they know her, and she is spending every day playing with dogs so SHE IS FINE (I capslock it mostly to remind myself that really, SHE IS FINE) - but we have never boarded her before and I have been a mopey mess about it all week. She is there because Brandon and I are heading back to the Midwest tomorrow for a wedding-and-lake-house weekend, which will be amazing and will take my mind off the moping.

I know I am being ridiculous. I just love her, is the thing.

Happy first birthday, Peps! You are the best puppy and I love you so much it's gross.