photo a day: June 1-5's summer. And I hate it.

You, reader of my blog, are probably from a part of the country where summer is not awful. Where you live, it probably doesn't get really hot until July, and it probably cools off in early September, and while parts of it are gross, it's a nice respite for you in the midst of all your other seasons.

Here in North Carolina, summer is hellish. It starts early and it stretches through October. It's muggy all the time, the type of humidity that feels like walking through spider webs, and it's hot, like a hair dryer blasting you in the face whenever you step outside. It's five months of sweating through your morning makeup and toweling off twice after every shower (once because you're wet from the shower, the second time because the first toweling made you sweaty). It's an astronomical air-conditioning bill and Popsicle sticks all over the house because your husband is physically incapable of throwing them away.



I realize that - at least theoretically - there are happy things about summer. So every day in June, I am going to do my best to find, photograph and blog about one of them. This project will not change the state of my hair (frizzy and huge) or the size of my sweat stains (enormous), but maybe it will help my mood.


A quick catch-up of the first five days of the month:

June 1: cotton-candy flowers on my morning walk with Maisy.

June 2: muggy fog and a bird on a wire.

June 3: summer movie date with Brandon! 

We got into a fight on the way to the theater because I wanted to listen to a Toby Keith song. Brandon hates country so he muted the radio and refused to let me turn it up, so I muted myself and refused to speak to him for 10 entire minutes. But then we got to the fancy Movie Tavern, where you can push a button and a waiter will come and bring you wine, and we got a bottle of rosé, and it's hard to stay mad when you're drinking wine in a movie theater. We saw Popstar, and I have been singing this song ever since. (It is not a country song, so Brandon does not mind.)

June 4: the laziest Saturday in the entire world.

Brandon and I have both been super busy with work lately. We had nothing planned for this past weekend, which normally makes me antsy, but on Saturday I honestly wanted to do nothing other than read books, watch dumb movies, lie around, nap, and talk to Maisy about her freckles. So that is exactly what we did. And it was amazing.

June 5: criss-cross apple-sauce feat. puppy paws.

Elsewhere on the internet: I did a guest post for MuckRack, a media website, about my personal struggles with PR professionals. (If you're a journalist, you will definitely relate.) You can find it here

All in all I guess summer is not off to a terrible start. Weather forecasts for this weekend are in the 90s, though, so it's only a matter of time.