photo a NAY

I made it to about June 20 before recalling an important fact about myself: I do not so much enjoy a photo-a-day challenge.

Three separate times, when I was much more active in photography than I am now, I attempted a 365 project - that is, one photo per day for a year. The first year, my camera broke halfway through. The next two fell victim to basically what happened here: it's all wonderful until the day you forget to take a photo and it's 10 p.m. and so you shoot a quick snap of one of your pets and the lighting is really bad and you don't really want to include it and then the whole project falls apart.

That makes it sound kind of DRAMATIC, but it's what happens to me every time. I find value in the idea of taking a photo each day - it's my life, after all, and there are so many small moments I know I would not remember from my past if I hadn't stopped to take a picture of them - so it may be something I'll attempt again. But I'm not the best at it and it kind of frustrates me.

I do have some bonus photos from June, though. It was a good month.