One night in Hawaii we went to Lahaina, an old whaling village, for dinner. We took a chartered bus there and the views were the worst.

Lahaina is VERY touristy so it wasn't my favorite outing of the trip. However, going there did allow my father-in-law to live out his dream of getting shaved ice.

My in-laws have been to Hawaii a bunch of times and the shaved ice is one of my father-in-law's favorite things about the islands. It comes up in conversation semi-frequently; often enough that when we first moved to Greensboro and I saw this building by my office, the first thing I did was send him a picture.

(Not Hawaii.)

(Not Hawaii.)

He was pretty unimpressed. I think he asked if it was some kind of drug front. I have never actually seen anyone working here, nor have I ever seen anyone inside buying shaved ice, so it's possible he's right. 

Anyway. Bob finally got his dessert. We got two enormous cups. I thought it would be like a snow-cone, but it's nothing like that at all. Shaved ice is creamier, somehow, and the flavor spreads throughout all of the ice instead of just sinking to the bottom. It was delicious. Definitely lived up to the hype.

We ate these before dinner because we are rebels. Then we ate dinner too, and drank a lot of wine, and then got on the bus to go back to the resort, at which point Brandon and I got into a very heated argument about Jim Harbaugh.

I would say that we argue about Jim Harbaugh semi-frequently. I will not TOTALLY rehash these arguments here (mostly because Brandon will read the summary later and get mad and we will have to argue about it again), but the basic gist is that he buys into the "Jim Harbaugh Is An Amazing Coach And Will Be Amazing And Has Been Amazing" narrative, whereas I am more in the camp of "IDK He's Been Here For Three Years And We Still Haven't Really Done Anything And If Brady Hoke Had The Same Three Seasons IDK Would We Be As Patient And If Not Why Are We Now IDK?"

This is all fine and a normal part of our marriage (yours too I'm sure), right down to him telling me I'm being annoying and me telling him I am LITERALLY JUST TRYING TO UNDERSTAND WHY WE LOVE HARBAUGH AND I WANT YOU TO EXPLAIN IT TO ME AND YOU ARE NOT DOING A GOOD JOB. Except that this time we were sitting right behind his parents, who were not talking, and so probably overheard every word, and thought that we were crazy and maybe also headed for divorce.

The argument continued after we got back to the hotel, but we had to pause it briefly for the very important task of going to my brother-in-law's room to collect the pool floaties so we could use them in the morning. And after that, it became sort of impossible for me to keep arguing, because Brandon looked like this.

I was laughing so hard I almost fell down. Undaunted, he kept trying to make his point and waving his arms around, which made the floaties bob up and down and only made it worse.

And so our marriage survived the Great Hawaiian Harbaugh Fight.


I am sure the Great Greensboro Harbaugh Fight (Part 82) will happen soon. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Mini Polaroids taken with the Fujifilm Instax 8 Mini, the best off-registry wedding gift in the history of weddings and also gifts.