emails from my father

I just felt the world needed to see these.

Some background for reading comprehension purposes: I grew up in Madison, Wis., but I went to the University of Michigan. My parents both attended the University of Wisconsin, so when I moved to Ann Arbor and became a football superfan, a familial rivalry was born. My dad doesn't really care about football anymore (he has "matured," he says), except for when he does.

National Signing Day was apparently one of those times.

Later, in an email exchange that had nothing to do with signing day, he brought it up again.

He also lauded the beginning of February, my birthday month.

Another email came yesterday morning. It was blank. Except for the subject line.

This is all fine with me because I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY. I do not understand people who don't care about their birthdays (like Brandon). How do you not care?! It's like Christmas except it's ALL ABOUT YOU! Because of this I typically draw it out to an entire birthday week with many celebrations, and much reminding people that it is my birthday, and sometimes I wear a tiara to work, and I do not care if you think any of this is obnoxious because a) you are wrong and b) clearly I was raised this way and so it is not my fault.

HOWEVER. I did NOT get a "month of Kate day 3" email this morning. So I emailed to see what was going on.


I sense he's mocking me. TWENTY-FIVE DAYS LEFT, CJ.