hello from the other side

I took an inadvertent blog break because from April (right around the time my newspaper had layoffs) through June, I was covering two government beats, which is basically the reporter equivalent of working two jobs. I did not really have a choice, and it was a lot of work, and it left me very little time for anything other than seeing my husband for an hour or two each day and then going to bed. (Also, coffee. I drank a lot of coffee, and ate a lot of crap because I was too busy and tired to cook, and generally took terrible care of myself. It was the most stressed I have ever been and it was a solid three months of feeling that way.)

I did not blog about that really because I did not have time to but also because everyone has things they don't like about their job and who wants to read about that on a blog? I don't? I also did not really want to write about it, I just wanted to drink wine and complain to Brandon, so that is what I did. 

Anyway, the madness ended in July, and things have since been much better.  I have had time for the important things, like borrowing Nashville and Laguna Beach DVDs from the library, getting stamps on our downtown Greensboro passports, exploring trails with my best puppy friend (never with less than four cameras in tow, I have a problem)

and hanging out with my best human friend too.

Even if sometimes (photo on the left) he is cranky and not that interested in taking pictures with me. Then we just have cocktails until (photo on the right) he is a more willing participant in my particular brand of madness.

Some other things happened because life, but I feel like that's a fairly accurate summary of the highlights. Oh, except I got new glasses (IMPORTANT). Brandon does not really like them.

(Brandon is wrong.)