QUESTIONS I GET/questions i wish i got

did you really meet your husband on ESPN?

I really did! He's cute, and I'm lucky.

why did you go into journalism?

I love writing, I love talking to people, and I'm curious about everything. Reporting allows me to be professionally nosy and then tell people what I've learned. It's the best.

what's your favorite camera?

This is like choosing a favorite pet, and I can't do it.

OK, which pet is your favorite?

You're mean.


what kind of name is queram?

It's Czech, and it's pronounced KWAIR-um. Related: my full name is Kate, because my parents wanted something that was short and easy to remember for when people inevitably blanked on "Queram." 

can i hire you?

I really wish you would. Email me at kate dot elizabeth dot queram at gmail dot com, and let's talk particulars.